Automated Vapor Blasting Machine

The ActOn Automated Vapor Blasting machine is specifically engineered for the purpose of blasting shafts before coating. With its dual blasting lines, it is capable of handling shafts up to 70mm in diameter. The parts undergo a seamless process starting from the blast chamber where they are thoroughly blasted, followed by a water wash chamber where any residue on the components is effectively removed. Finally, the parts are air dried before exiting the machine, ensuring optimal cleanliness and preparation for the coating process.

Key Benefits

  • Consistent finish across all parts.
  • Fully automated system.
  • Fast throughput rate.
  • High-quality built wet blasting machine.
  • Efficient in operation.

For further technical specifications on our Vapor Blasting Machine, please download our brochure.


Achieve the surface finish you need in a short time with our Automated Vapor Blasting Machine

Key Features


The ActOn Automated Vapor Blasting Machine offers programmable recipes and adjustable settings, allowing precise control of conveyor and pump speeds. With its user-friendly interface, maintaining and operating the machine is hassle-free. The system ensures consistent blasting efficiency, while the wash and dry chamber effectively cleans and dries the components.


Automated Wet Blasting machine designed for blasting of shafts prior to coating.
Automated Wet Blasting machine designed for blasting of shafts prior to coating.

ActOn Automated Vapor Blasting Machine Finishing Applications

ActOn Automated Wet Blasting System is typically used for processes such as:

  • Cleaning
  • Descaling
  • Deburring
  • Roughening
  • Shot peening
  • Remove corrosion, mill scale, paint or rust
  • Achieve a smooth finish
  • Deflash
  • Polish

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