Hydroblasting Solutions for Tooling Industry

Hydroblasting, also called wet blasting, has become a preferred method in the tooling industry due to its distinct advantages in precision and care. The gentle abrasive action of wet blasting, which involves a slurry of water and abrasive media, is particularly well-suited for the intricate surfaces of tooling components. 

This process ensures the removal of contaminants, rust, and residues without compromising the dimensional accuracy or surface finish of precision tool surfaces. Wet blasting is instrumental in deburring and deflashing, crucial for achieving smooth and flawless edges on machined or molded tool components. The controlled nature of wet blasting allows for selective material removal and precise shaping, ensuring optimal functionality without compromising the structural integrity of the tools. 

Hydroblast Applications For

Tooling Industry

Hydroblasting is widely employed in the tooling industry for a range of finishing results, each contributing to the precision, durability, and performance of various tooling components. Some key finishing applications achieved with wet blasting in the tooling industry include:

Precision Cleaning

Wet blasting ensures meticulous removal of contaminants, residues, and oxidation from tool surfaces, maintaining the precision and cleanliness of critical components.

Deburring and Deflashing

The controlled abrasive action of hydroblasting effectively eliminates burrs and flash from machined or molded tooling components, resulting in smooth surfaces and precise edges.

Surface Preparation for Coating

Provides an optimal surface preparation for tool coatings, such as TiN (Titanium Nitride) or other wear-resistant coatings. This enhances coating adhesion and prolongs the life of coated tools.

Restoration of Worn Surfaces

It is employed for the restoration of worn or damaged tool surfaces, rejuvenating the original geometry and extending the lifespan of the tools.

Cleaning of Molded Tooling

In the case of molded tooling, wet blasting efficiently removes residues and contaminants, ensuring the integrity of intricate molds and promoting optimal functionality in production processes.

Rust and Corrosion Removal

Hydroblasting is effective in eliminating rust and corrosion from metal tooling components, preserving their structural integrity and preventing deterioration over time.

Edge Radiusing

Can be employed to round or radius edges of tooling components, improving their durability and reducing the risk of stress concentrations.

Preventive Maintenance

Regular wet blasting serves as a preventive maintenance measure, removing accumulated contaminants and ensuring the longevity and reliability of tooling equipment.

Tools That Can Bbe Wet Blasted

  • Molds and Dies: cleans and maintains molds and dies, removing residues, contaminants, and ensuring precision in their surfaces.
  • Cutting Tools: drills, end mills and inserts can undergo wet blasting for deburring and enhancing their cutting edges.
  • Injection Molding Components: cores and cavities benefit from hydroblasting to remove residues and ensure smooth surfaces.
  • Extrusion Dies: cleans and deburrs extrusion dies, ensuring the quality and efficiency of the extrusion process.
  • Tool Holders: cleanins and maintains tool holders, removing built-up contaminants and ensuring proper tool fitment.
  • Gauges and Measuring Instruments: precision measuring tools and gauges can be cleaned and maintained for accurate measurements.
  • Prototype Tooling: cleanins and finishes prototype tooling, ensuring accurate representation and functionality.
  • Punches and Dies: maintains the cleanliness and precision of punches and dies used in various metal forming processes.
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