Vapour Blast Solutions 
for Defence Industry  

Meeting the intricate demands of the defence manufacturing industry requires cutting-edge vapour blast technology, stringent quality standards, customer and project strict privacy and a relentless commitment to innovation, ensuring the production of state-of-the-art weaponry and equipment to safeguard national security. 

Our blasting cabinets distinguish themselves by delivering a superior finish in comparison to dry blasting methods. The AWB machines not only ensures a heightened level of safety (especially when finishing titanium components) but also leaves the treated parts with an exceptional surface finish, underscoring its efficacy in meeting both quality and safety standards.      

Vapour Blast Applications

For Defence Industry

Wet blasting in the defence industry provides a versatile solution for various finishing applications, ensuring both functional and aesthetic enhancements to critical components. Some common finishing applications achieved with vapour blast technology include:

Paint and Coating Removal

Effectively removes paint, coatings, and surface contaminants from defence equipment, such as military vehicles, aircraft, and naval vessels, facilitating repainting or re-coating processes.

Corrosion Removal

Components susceptible to corrosion, such as armoured vehicle parts and naval equipment, benefit from wet blasting as it eliminates corrosion, rust, and other corrosive elements, preserving the integrity and longevity of the materials.

Surface Cleaning and Degreasing

Wet blasting is adept at cleaning and degreasing various defence components, ensuring the removal of oils, residues, and contaminants that may compromise the performance and reliability of military machinery.

Surface Finishing for Coating

Prior to applying protective coatings or finishes, aqua blasting provides an ideal surface preparation method. It creates a clean and profiled surface, enhancing the adhesion of coatings for improved durability and protection.

Deburring and Descaling

Effective in removing burrs and scales from defence parts, ensuring a smooth and uniform surface. This is particularly crucial for parts that require precision and reliability, such as firearm parts and ammunition casings.

Selective Material Removal

The controlled nature of wet blasting allows for selective material removal, enabling precision in refining and shaping components without causing damage to critical areas.

Surface Finishing for Optics

Optical instruments and components used in defence systems benefit from wet blasting for gentle yet effective surface finishing, ensuring optimal clarity and performance without compromising delicate optics.

Uniform Satin or Matte Finishes

Vapour blast can be tailored to achieve specific surface finishes, including satin or matte appearances. This is valuable for enhancing the aesthetics of defence components while maintaining functional properties.

Parts You Can Finish With 
Vapour Blast Technology 


  • Aircraft Components: remove contaminants and coatings while enhancing the surface finish of turbine blades, engine parts, and structural elements. 
  • Firearms and Weaponry: gun barrels, ammunition casings, and other firearm components can undergo wet blasting to achieve precise cleaning and finishing. 
  • Military Vehicle Parts: armor plates, chassis components and engine parts can be treated with wet blasting to remove corrosion, paint, or other coatings, thereby improving both aesthetics and functionality.
  • Naval Equipment: prevents corrosion and maintains the integrity of parts used in naval applications, such as ship propellers, valves, and underwater equipment. 
  • Communication and Electronic Equipment: cleanes electronic components and communication devices used in defence applications without causing damage.
  • Optical Instruments: precision optics and lenses used in defense optics systems can be treated with wet blasting to ensure clarity, remove contaminants, and maintain the performance.
  • Armored Vehicle Components: maintains the structural integrity and appearance of armored vehicles, including hulls, turrets, and protective plates. 
  • Missile and Rocket Parts: surface finishing of missiles and rockets, such as casings and guidance system elements.
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