Wet Blast Solutions for Composite Bonding and Coating Preparation

The widespread adoption of composite materials among manufacturers has marked a paradigm shift in the industry, supplanting traditional materials. This transition is attributed to the evident advantages of weight reduction and fatigue resistance in specific applications offered by composite materials. Enter wet blasting! Recognised for its exceptional cleanliness standards and meticulous controllability, wet blasting has emerged as the method of choice for many in the preparation of composites. Its capacity to deliver a high level of precision and maintain cleanliness aligns seamlessly with the demands of composite material preparation, making it a preferred technique in the manufacturing landscape.

Aqua Blast Applications

For Composite Bonding and Coating Preparation

Aqua blasting process is chosen for manufacturing composite bonding and coating preparation because it offers a combination of gentle treatment, effective contamination removal, surface activation, and overall process control, ensuring the optimal condition for successful bonding and coating applications on composite materials.

Gentle Surface Treatment

Aqua blasting provides a controlled and gentle method of surface preparation, making it suitable for delicate materials like composites. This ensures that the structural integrity of composite components is maintained while effectively cleaning and preparing the surface.

Consistent Surface Finish

Produces a consistent surface finish, which is important for achieving uniform bonding or coating adhesion. This helps prevent variations in bond strength or coating adhesion across the composite material.

Corrosion Prevention

For composite materials with metal components or structures, wet blasting can help prevent corrosion by removing any existing corrosion or oxidation layers and providing a clean, corrosion-resistant surface.

Contamination Removal

Effective in removing contaminants, residues, and release agents from composite surfaces. This is crucial for promoting strong and durable bonds between composite layers or for ensuring proper adhesion of coatings.

Surface Activation

Can activate the surface of composites by creating a textured and clean surface. This activation enhances the surface energy, improving the bonding capabilities for adhesives or coatings.

Dust Protection

Wet blasting uses water to suppress dust and debris, creating a cleaner working environment. This is beneficial as it reduces the risk of airborne particles contaminating the composite surface.

Benefits for
Composite Bonding and Coating Preparation

  • Wet blasting ensures a clean and reactive surface, contributing to enhanced strength and consistency in subsequent steps, such as applying coatings or adhesives.
  • Unlike alternative processes, the cushioning effect of water in wet blasting prevents damage to the composite fibers.
  • No dust or positive charge is generated, preventing particles from being attracted to components post-processing.
  • Hydrophobic contaminants are effectively removed, leaving a hydrophilic surface that promotes even coverage of adhesives and coatings during the ‘wet-out’ phase.
  • Aqua blast is a highly controllable process which offeres consistent and repeatable results. 
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