Wet Blast Cleaning Solutions for Medical Implants and Instruments

Surface finishing for medical implants and instruments is critical to the manufacturing process since it determines how a part’s surface is prepared for usage. To meet the stringent requirements of the medical industry, we have developed wet blast cleaning and finishing processes which ensure that the medical implants and instruments are finished each time at high standards, in reduced processing time, without damaging the part’s geometry.


Wet Blast Cleaning Applications

For Medical Implants and Instruments

Using ActOn’s wet blast cleaning technology and abrasive consumables developed for the medical industry, we can help our customers achieve high quality results every time. Here are a few finishing applications we can achieve via wet blasting for the medical industry:

Surface Cleaning

Removes contaminants, oils, and residues from medical instruments, ensuring a clean and sterile surface for equipment used in surgical procedures or medical diagnostics.

Implant Surface Preparation

Wet blasting is used to prepare the surfaces of medical implants, such as orthopedic implants or dental prosthetics, ensuring optimal adhesion of coatings and promoting biocompatibility.

Cleaning and Sterilisation of Instruments

Perfect for blast cleaning and sterilisation of medical instruments, removing contaminants and biological materials without compromising the integrity of the instruments.

Selective Material Removal

The controlled nature of wet blasting allows for precise material removal, enabling the shaping and profiling of medical components with intricate geometries.

Restoration of Medical Equipment

Wet blasting is employed in the restoration of vintage or worn medical equipment, removing layers of grime, corrosion, and contaminants to bring equipment back to a functional and sterile state.

Dental Instrument Finishing

Helps to achieve smooth and polished surfaces on dental instruments, enhancing their performance and ensuring patient safety during dental procedures.

Aesthetic Finishing of Prosthetics

Contributes to the aesthetic finishing of prosthetic devices, ensuring a smooth and visually appealing surface for improved patient comfort and confidence.

Precision Cleaning of Laboratory Equipment

It is suitable for cleaning and maintaining precision laboratory equipment used in medical research, ensuring accuracy and reliability in experimental procedures.

Wet Blast Cleaning Benefits 
for Medical Industry


Here are a few reasons why you should include our wet blast cleaning techniques into the manufacturing process of medical implants and instruments:

  • It increases part’s resistance to corrosion
  • It’s important to have a clinically proven finishing process that complies with the safety regulations imposed by this industry
  • Contributes to improved biocompatibility, reducing the risk of adverse reactions and ensuring the success of implant procedures.
  • Achieves smooth and aesthetically pleasing surfaces, enhancing patient comfort.
  • It reduces processing times
  • You can process parts made out of high-strength metal alloys, polymers; also forged, casted & 3d printed components
  • Prepares surfaces for disinfection, ensuring that medical instruments meet strict hygiene standards.
  • It is an environmentally friendly option, aligning with the stringent standards and regulations in the medical industry.
Discover the blast cleaning technology for Medical Implants and Instruments, from ActOn Finishing.

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