Aqua Blast Solutions for Automotive Industry 

The automotive industry is rapidly evolving towards more efficient vehicles where automotive components have to be durable and fuel economic. ActOn Finishing automotive aqua blast solutions have benefited the industry by reducing processing times and producing a repeatable and quality product. Using a mixture of abrasive media and water, our wet blasting cabinets are perfect to clean, degrease, or prepare surfaces for automotive components.

Aqua Blast Applications

For Automotive Industry

In the automotive industry, aqua blast can find various applications due to its ability to provide effective cleaning and surface preparation without the dust and heat associated with dry blasting methods. Here are some finishing applications in the automotive sector:

Paint Stripping and Surface Preparation

Aqua blast can be used to remove old paint, coatings, rust, and corrosion from automotive parts like chassis and panels. It provides a smooth and clean surface for repainting or further treatment.

Engine Component Cleaning

This process is effective in cleaning engine components such as cylinder heads, blocks, and intake manifolds. It removes carbon deposits, oil, grease, and other contaminants.

Alloy Wheel Refurbishment

Wet blasting can be employed for cleaning and preparing alloy wheels for refinishing. It can remove old coatings, road grime, and oxidation, creating a suitable surface for painting or powder coating.

Cleaning of Brake Components

Brake callipers, discs, and other components can be cleaned using aqua blast to remove brake dust, rust, and other contaminants. It ensures optimal brake performance and longevity.

Surface Etching for Adhesion

Wet blasting can be used to etch surfaces, enhancing adhesion for subsequent processes like bonding or coating applications.

Removal of Adhesive Residues

Effective in removing adhesive residues left from stickers, decals, or tapes on automotive surfaces.

Restoration of Vintage Cars

Can be employed in the restoration of vintage cars, helping to clean and prepare various components without causing damage to delicate surfaces.

Rust Removal and Prevention

Aqua blast helps remove rust from automotive components and provides a protective surface, preventing further corrosion.

Aqua Blast Benefits for 
Automotive Components


Wet blasting has emerged as a preferred method in the automotive industry, offering a myriad of benefits that contribute to efficiency, environmental responsibility, and worker safety:

  • It has the ability to suppress dust, providing a cleaner and safer working environment compared to dry blasting methods.
  • The presence of water in the process acts as a protective cushion, ensuring the gentle treatment of delicate automotive surfaces.
  • Precision cleaning is achieved with ease, as operators can adjust the abrasive media and water combination for optimal results without causing damage to sensitive components.
  • The versatility of aqua blast, accommodating various abrasive media, makes it adaptable to a range of automotive cleaning and preparation tasks, from paint stripping to corrosion prevention.


Reduce process time with ActOn automotive aqua blast solutions

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