Wet Blasting Solutions for Aerospace Industry

Manufacturers in the aerospace industry demand surface finishing solutions that meet their stringent requirements. Components such as aerofoils, structural components or turbine parts require a certain surface finish, increased life span and material fatigue to be prevented. At ActOn Finishing we have designed industrial finishing solutions, including wet blasting processes, based on the industry requirements, for aerospace engines and other aircraft components. moreover, we are leading surface finishing partners to first tier suppliers, MRO and OEM engine manufacturers.

Wet Blasting Applications

For the Aerospace Industry

Wet blasting is commonly employed in the aerospace industry for various applications due to its unique advantages. Here are several reasons why wet blasting is used in the aerospace sector:

Precision Surface Preparation

Wet blasting provides a controlled and precise method for surface preparation. This is crucial in the aerospace industry where components often require specific surface finishes for optimal performance, adhesion of coatings, or bonding.

Delicate Component Treatment

Aerospace components can be sensitive to damage from abrasive blasting. Wet blasting, with its gentler action due to the cushioning effect of water, is suitable for treating delicate materials or intricate parts without causing damage.

Removal of Contaminants and Coatings

Wet blasting is effective in removing contaminants, rust, scale, and various coatings from aerospace components. This is essential for maintaining the integrity and functionality of critical parts, including engine components, airframes, and landing gear.

Surface Finish Control

Aerospace components often require specific surface finishes for aerodynamic efficiency, corrosion resistance, or coating adhesion. Wet blasting allows for better control over the surface finish, ensuring that the desired specifications are met.

Critical Part Cleaning

Wet blasting is effective in cleaning critical aerospace parts, such as turbine blades, engine components, and landing gear. It ensures that these components are free from contaminants and ready for further processing or assembly.

Environmental Compliance

This finishing method is considered more environmentally friendly, contributing to compliance with environmental regulations in the aerospace industry. The containment and filtration systems help manage and control the slurry for proper disposal.

Wet Blasting
Aerospace Components


Using ActOn’s wet blasting cabinets and ActOn’s aerospace finishing consumables, our engineers have developed cost-effective finishing applications for parts such as:

  • forged compressor blades
  • fan, turbine, rotor and stator blades
  • blade assembly
  • vane rings
  • annulus fillers
  • turbine segment
  • side stays and landing gears
  • structural parts and much more


Innovative wet blasting solutions for the aerospace industry

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