Wet Blasting Solutions for Additive Manufacturing

Additive Manufacturing (3D Printing) is now an established technology for prototyping and production. Selecting the most suitable surface finishing technology is critical to prove the viability of components from a cost and functional standpoint. In an ideal world, surface finishing must be considered when designing components for AM to ensure the desired component and its characteristics can be achieved. Our range of technologies are available as standalone machines or can be integrated as fully automatic systems. Our aim is to ensure our customers understand the main advantages of each technology.

Wet Blasting Benefits

For the Additive Manufacturing Industry

Wet blasting is commonly employed in the additive manufacturing industry for various applications due to its unique advantages. Here are several reasons why wet blasting is used in the 3d printing sector:

Selective Surface Finishing

Wet blasting allows for selective surface finishing, enabling targeted treatment of specific areas on the AM parts without affecting other regions. This precision is valuable for achieving desired functional or aesthetic characteristics.

Enhanced Surface Finish

This technology can achieve a smoother and more uniform surface finish on additive manufactured parts, helping to reduce roughness and layer lines that may be present after the printing process.

Better Results in Shorter Time

Cleans 3D printed components by eliminating residual powder and improving their initial high surface roughness. This process adeptly de-powders the parts, offering comprehensive surface cleaning and initial smoothing from Ra 25 µm to 1–1.5 µm. By enhancing homogeneity, this technology ensures that parts are optimally primed for subsequent mass finishing, ultimately reducing the time required for the finishing process after wet blasting.

Reduced Heat Generation

Unlike dry blasting methods, wet blasting generates less heat during the process, minimising the risk of thermal stress on sensitive additive manufacturing materials, which can be crucial for maintaining the integrity of the printed parts.

Gentle Surface Treatment

Wet blasting provides a more delicate and controlled abrasive action, ensuring that intricate and complex geometries of 3d printed parts are treated without causing damage.

Perfect for Metals and Polymers

This technology is a versatile surface treatment method that is applicable to a wide range of materials, making it suitable for various additive manufacturing processes. For metal 3D printed parts, wet blasting can help remove residual powder, smooth the surface, and enhance the overall finish. Similarly, for polymer 3D printed parts, wet blasting is employed to clean off residual powder, reduce surface roughness, and provide a smoother finish.

Wet Blasting Applications for 
Additive Manufacturing Components


  1. Residual Powder Removal: effective in thoroughly cleaning 3D printed parts by removing residual powders left from the printing process. This ensures a clean and debris-free surface.

  2. Surface Smoothing: helps in reducing the surface roughness of 3D printed parts. It can achieve a controlled and consistent smoothing of the surfaces, improving the tactile and visual qualities of the components.

  3. De-Powdering: wet blasting provides a gentle and precise method for achieving this, ensuring that even complex structures are thoroughly cleaned.

  4. Homogenization of Surface Finish: contributes to making the surface finish of additive manufacturing parts more uniform and homogeneous.

  5. Surface Preparation for Coating: by cleaning and smoothing the surface, wet blasting prepares 3D printed parts for subsequent coating or finishing processes. 

  6. Improved Post-Processing Efficiency: parts are better prepared for subsequent mass finishing processes, reducing the time and effort required for additional finishing steps.

Explore Finishing Solutions for Additive Manufacturing Metal Parts from ActOn Finishing USA.

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