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Special EFX Testimonial – ActOn Shot Blaster Equipment Improves Process Speed and Parts’ Finish

Abrasive blasting, also referred to as sand blasting, involves refining components within a pressure blast cleaning cabinet by directing high-pressure abrasive media onto the surface of the part. This technique is particularly employed for achieving a smooth finish. Recently, ActOn had the privilege of providing Special EFX with a shot baster machine, resulting in enhanced finish quality and process efficiency for their components.

Special EFX Ltd, renowned for their expertise in crafting customised awards and trophies for clients in the UK and globally, had been utilising an in-house shot blaster to achieve matte, brushed, polished, or satin finishes. However, recognising the need for an upgrade in their finishing equipment, they sought a shot blasting machine with a pressure fan to ensure a more consistent flow.

Smooth Finish on Custom Awards & Trophies

After contacting different suppliers on the market, they decided to work with ActOn. Tony Darby, Production Manager Special EFX Ltd states: “customer service was very good, very friendly, helpful; they showed us around their facility in Coventry and that’s where we made the decision to go ahead with ActOn. We had spoken with other suppliers as well, but ActOn seemed like the people we wanted to work with.”

Further to carrying out trials for them, we decided that the best option to achieve a matt blasted finish prior to anodising was the ECO MP pressure shot blaster cabinet. This shot blasting machine is a compact system built to achieve a rapid and efficient finish. Moreover, the ECO Blasting Systems have been designed to allow you to minimise your investment while enjoying the benefits of a good quality shot blasting machine.

Shot Blaster Cabinet Features & Benefits

  • Speed at which customer can now shot blast the parts has increased
  • This shot blaster machine is a pressure fan machine which gives constant pressure and without any disruption in flow
  • No leakages whilst blasting.
  • The parts finish has improved and results are repeatable.
  • The ECO MP pressure blast cabinet offers permanent visibility due to optimal circulation of air and dust filtering.
  • This shot blaster cabinet has a solid construction and comfortable arm hole.
Blast cleaning cabinet improves trophies' finish & process speed.


The smooth finish required was achieved in a short period of time, while the client enjoys consistent and repeatable results every time, without the need of reworking or scraping the parts.

Tony Darby, Production Manager Special EFX Ltd states: “Aftercare was very good. Any problems we had, they are at the other end of the phone. They were helpful with the installation of the machine. I would recommend ActOn due to their professionalism of their team, the quality of the cabinets they provide and for the friendliness and helpfulness they provided during the purchase”


Shot blaster cabinet improves trophies' finish & process speed.

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